Originally from South Africa, Simon is persistently curious: he came to NYC to attend NYU for grad school in philosophy, then completed studies in math and finance, before leaving the classroom to pursue his passion for media and technology. Simon is an analytically driven leader with experience at TED, the Clinton Global Initiative, and K2 Intelligence.

Simon Marcus


Originally from France, Erwan is a talented developer with deep experience managing the stack from front to back. Erwan honed his tech and entrepreneurial skills building world class tech products at IHeartRadio, Victoria’s Secret, and Element.

Erwan Jegouzo


Isabel is an expert in UI/UX and brand identities, with a serious commitment to building clean, functional design. With a background in philosophy and Middle East foreign policy at McGill University that eventually evolved into passion for the hackathon community, Isabel is a multidisciplinary thinker. Their experience comes from Edelman, DeVries Global, and HackMcGill.

Isabel Lee


From the United States, Jake is a recent grad of Hack Reactor and Cornell. He has experience building applications with JavaScript.

Jake Smith